Our History
Minister JDominique Coleman, the founder of Men-tor Showcase Magazine is a true visionary who readily gives credit for the ideas and scope of her calling to Jesus Christ who is not only her Lord and Savior, but who most importantly she credits as being her Mentor.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, JDominique always had a gift for creativity and enterprise. As a young woman, she used her artistic skills to design clothing,her love of photography to produce digital imaging and her love of crafts to design jewelry.She is also a gifted vocalist, inspirational speaker, stage actor, and an avid student of the bible…and she has no qualms about ministering to people from all walks of life that cross her path and are in need of a good, encouraging word!

In 2003, a tragic event occurred that changed her life forever. JDominique lost her only son, Donald James Love, II.  He was the victim of a violent crime.  Garnering strength and guidance from God, she was able to step beyond the grief and turn what Satan meant for harm into something that God would use for good!! 

In 2004, she established the Donald James Love, II Stop the Violence Scholarship Fund. That same year, she also published her Love in Motion (LIM) Clothing Catalog.   The young men and women featured in the catalog were all photographed wearing clothing designed by JDominique that featured logos expressing God’s Love.

Called by God to make a move to Atlanta in 2006, JDominique made the move not knowing what was in store for her. She soon discovered what God had planned for her was Mentor Showcase Magazine.  And thus began the unfolding of another vision from God. The magazine is dedicated to the life and dreams of a young man who was taken before he could become all that had desired to be.

Men-tor Showcase Magazine features local and national stories that include tributes to those who have died of tragic or natural causes.  It focuses on showcasing active community members, corporate mentors and church organizations that are making a difference. Community events, health perspectives and other informative articles are also included.

The magazine has a culturally diverse format whose mission is to highlight mentor/mentee relationships between mature men and women and the younger less seasoned youth and young adults. As we gather the stories, which explore these unique relationships and share them with you, we hope that you will be encouraged to reach out to others and make a positive difference in someone else’s life. WE ARE COMMITTED TO CHANGING LIVES AND STRENGTHENING GENERATIONS. 

          Ordinary People 
Doing Extraordinary Things