News Letter 2019


Live interview with Carlos Coleman, an award winning  program unlike non other Who's Who Youth program. Join us as he speaks about students making the grade. 
Arising Star
The story of the Pursuit & Passion, Schell Purcell is poise to set the standard as she pursues her passion in the Art and Production Industry, leaving a living Legacy for those who will come after her.

​A Father with a purpose, taking fatherhood seriously. A Christian 
man training up his daughter in the ways she should  go. 
The struggle is real this story will leave you in awe.

Music with a Message
Changing a moment for an experience Empress Mercy reaches 
young and the old with her grass root and spirit filled music.  She is making a change that sounds and looks like a flowing river, where there are no valleys to low and no mountians to high to climb.

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